Young Justice’s Future is Up to Its Fans, Again


Young Justice is a pretty good show most of the time, and after it got cancelled by Cartoon Network in 2013, fans eventually managed to secure a third season some years later for HBO Max. Between that and its recently premiered season four, you’d think the passion of the fanbase would’ve already secured a fifth season for the show, but that’s not the case, according to showrunner Greg Weisman.

Over on Weisman’s website, where he answers fan questions and gives updates on his work, the man behind short-lived gems such as Gargoyles and Spectacular Spider-Man asked fans of the show to basically watch the show. Since season five isn’t a hard guarantee quite yet, he’s urged fans to binge as much of the superhero spy show as they can to make that a reality, since he and the creative forces behind the show definitely have more stories they want to tell. “If fans want more Earth-16 (the universe where the series takes place),” he wrote, “the answer is simple: #KeepBingingYJ (all four seasons) over and over. And over and over. And help us #SpreadTheWord. We want to #SaveEarth16.”

Weisman’s words are pretty obvious — ”hey, watch the show through official channels if you want more of it,” wild concept! — but it’s more surprising that WB hadn’t locked the show in for multiple seasons once they announced its return in 2016. With how popular DC’s televisions are across the board, and their animated offerings in particular, this show with such a strong built-in fanbase that saved it from death felt like something you’re sure would have multiple seasons behind it upon being revived. Annoying as this dance between viewer and corporations can be, it’s just what fans have to do sometimes if they want to save their favourite shows from a premature end.

The first three episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms are available now on HBO Max, with new episodes premiering weekly on Thursdays.

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