Woolworths launches Australian pork innovation in retailer first


Woolworths Supermarkets has announced a retailer first for pork in the Australian market. A new range of dry aged pork products will be featured in store and online across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. 

Up until now, dry ageing pork has been a method used almost exclusively in pioneering restaurants and butcheries. Now customers can tap into the unique dining experience at home with Borrowdale dry aged pork loin and scotch steaks from Woolworths.  

Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Company managing director, Mack McGeechan, said it’s all about the technique. 

“It was a process to find the best pork eating experience, utilising the best pork, using the best cuts, aging and processing to deliver on the plate every time,” McGeechan said. 

Dry aged pork offers a full, rich flavour with exceptional tenderness. Borrowdale’s delicate dry ageing method naturally tenderises the pork, locking in moisture and enhancing the flavour. The extraordinary combination of flavour and tenderness makes Borrowdale dry aged pork steaks ideal in a variety of dishes. 

Australian Pork Limited chief operating officer, Margo Andrae, said it’s a great example of Australia’s progressive pork industry. 

“At Australian Pork we celebrate innovation within the pork industry, and today it is fantastic to see Borrowdale recognised by a national retailer such as Woolworths to hero a product that consumers will now have a chance to enjoy at home with loved ones,” Andrae said.   

Borrowdale dry aged pork loin steak and dry aged pork scotch steak products will be available in selected Woolworths locations across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. 

For recipe inspiration and handy hints and tricks for cooking pork, head to pork.com.au 


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