What to Do This Weekend


Welcome. It’s that time again, the end of daylight saving. Set your clocks back before you go to sleep on Saturday. Where I live, it’ll be darker earlier for the next several months. The beginning of the frigid season: seven weeks until Christmas, four-and-a-half months until spring. Get comfortable. Get cozy.

A good question to mull this weekend: Has the pandemic changed how we dream? Covid has offered scientists who study our sleeping mindscapes “a natural experiment built of collective experience,” and they’re making the most of it. Speaking of collective experience, perhaps you’re making plans for Thanksgiving. We have some tips for hosting a gathering with unvaccinated guests and a preview of what to expect if you’re traveling. (Keep this savory apple galette in mind if you’re planning the menu.)

Dexter and his “dark passenger” return to Showtime on Sunday, eight years since the episode that “often ranks with the worst finales in TV history.” Mike Hale likes the South Korean sci-fi drama “Dr. Brain” on Apple+. Watch it, then read Choe Sang-Hun on “How South Korea Became a Cultural Juggernaut.” There’s “Colin in Black & White,” a new Netflix docudrama about Colin Kaepernick’s early life. Or check out three good adult-animation series about kids.

And if you’ve got a bit more time, here are four movies our critics liked this week: the rom-com “Mark, Mary & Some Other People”; the coming-of-age drama “Beans”; the U.S. debut of Mia Hansen-Love’s first feature, “All Is Forgiven”; and “Simple as Water,” a documentary about Syrian families displaced by war.


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