Uno All Wild Is Uno Without All Those Pesky Numbers and Colours


The point of the card game Uno is to discard your hand one card at a time by matching the colour or number of the previously played card. In Mattel’s new take on the classic game, Uno All Wild, you need not worry about numbers or colours, because every single card is wild.

Available now for six bucks at, Uno All Wild is a real game and not some sort of sick joke. As with regular Uno, players are dealt a hand from a deck of 112 cards. Players then take turns playing cards from their hand until someone gets rid of all of their cards. Since all the cards in the deck are wild, there’s no need to worry about matching colours or numbers. Everyone should be able to play a card every turn.

All we need now is a Double Reverse. (Photo: Mattel)

While that makes for a much easier and likely faster game, cards with special abilities can slow things down. There are skip and double-skip cards, which cause players to miss a turn, along with reverse cards to change play order. Not only are their “Draw 2” cards, there are targeted “Draw 2” cards as well, allowing the player to choose which of their opponents have to expand their hand. Finally, there is a hand swap card, which when played forces two players to swap their entire hand.

Confused? YouTuber Bower’s Game Corner has posted a video guide on how to play.

Is it Uno? Not really. Uno is all about matching cards, and there is no card matching going on here. There is, however, the shouting of the word “Uno!” when you are down to a single card, which is always fun. That, plus what seems like a fast-paced game that doesn’t require a lot of thought, perfect for those who find the complexities of a card game for ages seven and up too much to handle.


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