These New Guardians of the Galaxy Adidas Kicks Are Rad


Adidas is bringing us something we didn’t know we needed: Guardians of the Galaxy sneakers. Yep. Fre$h kicks inspired by the defenders of the galaxy.

According to Adidas, “cosmic colours, stellar threads and fresh fits based on your favourite band of space misfits” are coming with the new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game adidas Originals Collection.

This limited Adidas x Square Enix x Marvel collection is due to arrive in the first half of 2022. Check ‘em out in this hype vid.


Not that we’re complaining, but why did Adidas want to make a Guardians of the Galaxy collection?

“When we started designing young Star-Lord, we thought it would be fitting he’d wear a pair of Adidas. I believe them to be iconic to that era,” Eidos-Montréal art director Bruno Gauthier Leblanc said. “Afterwards, the team started saying how great it would be if we’d actually get to make a real pair. Well, lo and behold, our creative director pitched the idea to Marvel and they loved it and the rest is history.”

There are six designs and according to Marvel, each pair highlights the characteristics and fit the style of each Guardian.

Star-Lord – Forum Hi 84 and Forum Mid

“Star-Lord has an old-school charm and is an expert in galactic combat and battle techniques; similarly, the Forum mid has an undeniable retro appeal and is a proven contender in its own area of expertise.”

Image: Adidas
Image: Adidas

Gamora – ZX 2K Boost 2.0

“Gamora is known across the universe as being a warrior with unmatched strength, speed and skill – and also for her lineage to the MCU game-changer Thanos. The ZX 2K Boost, the most recent silhouette to bear the iconic ZX moniker, is sleek and sharp like Gamora’s blades and takes colour and material references from her armour and appearance.”

Guardians of the Galaxy adidas shoes
Image: Adidas

Drax – Ozelia

“Drax is fierce and headstrong, with superhuman strength and a formidable human-mutate physique. The Ozelia, is built like a classic sneaker but features amplified characteristics like a maximal midsole and moulded panels and lines that draw similar visuals to Drax’s brutish form.”

Guardians of the Galaxy adidas shoes
Image: Adidas

Groot – NMD R1

“To capture the essence of the plant-life superbeing that is Groot, we started with the rugged trail version of the modern classic NMD R1. Unique to the style is a lugged outsole which helps to naturally grip the floor, and the mud-guard that runs along the bottom of the shoe helps protect the foot. Adding to this, we used a 2-tone knit in shades of brown as a nod to Groot’s roots for the upper, and an embroidered detail featuring ‘I AM GROOT’ in an alien language featured in the game.”

Image: Adidas

Rocket – ZX 1K Boost

“Rocket Racoon is a weapons specialist, elite marksman, and master tactician, who takes on amplified abilities from its racoon counterparts. We started with the ZX 1K Boost silhouette as a base – it’s a modern interpretation of a familiar style, using the latest technology for optimal performance. We added technical features like speed lacing, and high-vis reflective elements inspired by Rocket Racoon’s weaponry.”

Guardians of the Galaxy adidas shoes
Image: Adidas

We don’t know when exactly the Marvel x Adidas Guardians of the Galaxy collab is going to drop, or even how many organs we’re going to need to sell to get our hands on them, but we’ll update you as soon as we know. What we do know is they will definitely, 100 per cent, guaranteed make you a better gamer*.

*OK, not at all true.

Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy dropped in October. Make sure you check out our tips before you start playing if you haven’t already, or want a re-do.


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