Their Love for Fun Inspired a Love for Each Other


The pair, who live in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, met in November 2015 at JR’s Bar & Grill, a gay bar in the city. Mr. Atkins first approached one of Mr. Huck’s friends, but he and Mr. Huck ended up hitting it off instead.

“We talked all night and, at the end of the night, Charles said to me, ‘I don’t want to take you home. I want to take you on a date,’” Mr. Atkins said.

They became “official,” Mr. Atkins said, that December and “we said ‘I love you’ for the first time in March 2016.” The next year, they moved in together.

The discussion of marriage blossomed organically while they dated. “We saw ourselves together in a long-term sense, but didn’t feel a pressure to rush into marriage,” Mr. Atkins said. A proposal came on March 12, 2020, while the couple was vacationing in Paris.

“We spent the morning at the Louvre. After stopping by a boulangerie to pick up a very typical lunch of bread, cheese, and rosé, we walked around the Tuileries Garden,” said Mr. Huck, who got down on one knee and told Mr. Atkins how much he loved him before popping the question. “The wine gives you a little courage. So that’s the trick,” Mr. Huck added.


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