The Shows We’ll Be Watching on Disney+ These Holidays


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There’s tonnes of content to stream on the internet these days, but what are you watching on Disney+ these 2021 holidays? Good question! There’s almost too much content to choose from!

Between movies, TV shows and the abundance of time you might have off between December and January, you might feel a bit spoilt for choice. That’s why we’re writing down what we’ll be watching over the Christmas and New Year period, to give you some ideas. We’ve already done such a list for Netflix and Binge, with Amazon Prime Video and Stan to appear over the next few days..

Here’s what we’re watching over the holidays on Disney+.


An obvious first place on our list, Hawkeye is the show Disney+ is putting out episodically over this Christmas period (every Wednesday for us Aussies). It follows Hawkeye and Kate Bishop (aka, the NEW Hawkeye) after the events of Avengers: Endgame, in an action-packed Marvel TV show that sees the two archers fighting New York gangsters.

It’s a tonne of fun, features a pizza-loving dog and is definitely a good thing to watch at Christmas time. It’s even set during Christmas!


Disney’s latest princess movie follows Mirabel and her family in a magical and vibrant town in the mountains of Colombia. Everyone in the family has been blessed with a unique power, like super strength or the ability to heal – everyone except Mirabel.

Encanto will be available for streaming on Disney+ on December 24, so it’s definitely worth waiting for! It also features a Capybara called Chispi, aka the cutest animal in the whole world.

The Beatles Get Back

A three-part documentary from Peter Jackson, The Beatles: Get Back follows the titular band during the recording sessions of pivotal moments in the band’s history. Each part is movie-length and is well worth a watch even if you’re not a huge Beatles fan.


Loki was an absolutely phenomenal show, bending the ideas of what a linear narrative can do and blowing a hole open in the side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Essentially, the show follows Marvel’s Loki as he’s captured by the Time Variation Authority – basically the cops of time.

It’s a mind-bender for Marvel fans, but it does come with a bit of a prerequisite – you won’t understand some of the things that happen in it unless you’ve seen Marvel movies before, although there’s enough unique content there to go along with. It has been confirmed for a second season.

Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars: Visions is the most unique the Star Wars franchise has been in decades, not following the standard “Skywalker Saga” beats of Episodes I to IX and instead bringing in an anthology approach. Star Wars: Visions is made up of nine completely unique stories animated by Japanese anime studios, including Studio Trigger, the creators of Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia and Brand New Animal.

Star Wars: Visions is absolutely worth the watch and is super easy to sit through, as episodes have a runtime between 15 and 24 minutes.

What else should I watch on Disney+ these holidays?

Look, this is a very nerdy list from very nerdy people, so if you want a detox from nerdy things, there are a few other flicks and TV shows worth a watch. All of the Die Hard movies are found on Disney+ (except Die Hard 4.0), along with movies like 1917, JoJo rabbit, Little Miss Sunshine and The Martian. Give yourself a Disney+ binge this 2021 holiday season.

Merry Christmas and happy streaming.


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