‘The Odds Were Stacked Against Us’


But Ms. Wilson did not simply say yes, as Mx. Reynolds expected.

Instead, she said, “I will if you say yes, too.” Confused, Mx. Reynolds watched as Ms. Wilson rummaged through her bag, where an engagement ring for Mx. Reynolds had been waiting in case of this very moment.

“It was better than the movies,” Ms. Wilson said.

The couple chose Oct. 11, 2020, as their original wedding date. “That day is both National Coming Out Day and the anniversary of when we both said those big three words,” Mx. Reynolds said. But because of the pandemic, they postponed the date by almost one year exactly.

On Oct. 10, they were wed in the garden at Shirley Acres, an events space in Houston. Mx. Reynolds’s uncle, Benjamin Thomas Lawson Jr., who was ordained through the Universal Life Church for the event, officiated. The 120 guests, most of whom were vaccinated, included Mx. Reynolds’s parents and paternal grandmother and Ms. Wilson’s mother.

Ms. Wilson’s father and other family members declined to attend.

“Many of my family members weren’t present because they have made it clear that this union is against God and is illegitimate. Many friends who used to be core figures and support systems in my life disconnected too,” Ms. Wilson said.


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