The Damon HyperFighter Is The Do-Everything Electric Motorcycle You Probably Want


It feels like just yesterday that Damon Motorcycles unveiled the modular Hypersport, but in fact that was all the way back at CES in 2020. This year at the same show in Vegas, Damon launched its second model — the HyperFighter — which is more or less a reskin of the same drivetrain in a ‘streetfighter’ style of bodywork, rather than the Hypersport’s sleeker sportbike proportions. The HyperFighter is the Streetfighter V4S to the Hypersport’s Panigale, if that makes it easier for you.

The new HyperFighter is available in three trims. The Unlimited 15 is the base model bread and butter, delivering 150 horsepower, 193 km of claimed range for nineteen grand. If you don’t think 150 horsepower is enough for your motorcycle, you can order the Unlimited 20, which gives you a boost to 200 ponies in the stable, plus an extra 42 km of range for $US25,000 ($34,923).

Image: Damon Motorcycles

If you want to go wild, you can order the limited edition Colossus model, which has the drivetrain of the Unlimited 20, but adds track-focused modifications like a single-sided swingarm, Ohlins dampers, Brembo binders, and a 274 km per hour top speed. That Colossus comes with a truly colossal price at $US35,000 ($48,892), however.

Like the earlier Hypersport models, the ‘fighter comes with “Co-Pilot” which is the brand’s 360-degree advanced warning system with radar, cameras, and sensors to keep the rider abreast of potential dangers. There’s even a rear-view monitor in the dash to let you keep an eye on what’s coming up directly behind you that you might not see in your mirrors.

Image: Damon Motorcycles

Most of the time a Streetfighter-style bike features a more upright riding position with taller bars and foot pegs positioned under your hips. As was the case with the Hypersport, the HyperFighter features Damon’s Shift system, that makes the ergonomics modular. At the press of a button you can move the foot pegs back and forth, while the bars can raise and lower. If you want a taller more casual experience for your commute, and an aggressive stance for a nice canyon ride, the Damon provides.

At 19 grand, the Unlimited 15 appeals to me. That’s a pretty favourable price when compared to the competition in this market, like the LiveWire One and the Zero SR/F. If you want one, you can place a refundable deposit of $US100 ($140) for the Unlimited 15 and 20, or $US250 ($349) for the Colossus.


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