Sorry To Alarm You But Vans Horror Film-Inspired Shoes Have Arrived


Halloween is nearly here, and to celebrate, Vans has given our favourite shoes a cult classic horror film makeover.

This article was first published September 22 but has now been updated with more information, yay! 

The company took to social media in September to tease the new range.

“Coming this October, the Vans x Horror collection brings to life your favorite iconic horror films,” it tweeted.

Teased in the trailer was clearly IT, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, and Friday the 13th-inspired shoes.

But now, we have actual pics of the new Vans horror range – it launches in Australia today (October 22).

It seems we missed The Lost Boys and The Exorcist.

There are 19 items in the range, including shoes, hoodies, backpacks, hats and even a bumbag.

The Stephen King IT Era shoes have a classic Vans checkerboard pattern around the front, with red balloons. There’s also a Lowland Comfycush white and yellow IT pair and a hat. Paying homage to Freddy Krueger, the A Nightmare On Elm Street pair are classic lace-up high tops, boasting black and red stripes, and of course a little bit of blood. There’s also a tee and that bumbag (Vans is calling this a body pack but no).

The Vans horror shoes celebrating the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film are also high tops, but in yellow, and display the text ‘The Shining’; there’s also a classic slip-on pair that are haunting and some clothing. And the Friday The 13th pair are a classic slip-on style with Jason Voorhees’ face on the left shoe. Clothing for Friday The 13th, too.

The Lost Boys get the slip-on Style 47s and a hoodie; and lastly, The Exorcist Old Skools (these a sickkkk).

vans horror
Image: Vans

This is where I tell you they aren’t cheap, BUT Vans usually aren’t. Sticking with usual pricing, the Era IT pair is the cheapest shoe at $119, alongside the Jason Voorhees slip-ons, also at $119.

The Vans horror range is available online and also in some Vans stores around Australia. Unfortunately, Melburnians, you have to stick to online shopping.


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