Melbourne’s lockdown ends today. What are your new freedoms in Victoria under the Covid reopening rules? | Victoria


On Friday, Melbourne will exit its sixth lockdown, after 70% of people aged over 16 in Victoria have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

After 77 days of tough restrictions, students will return to class part-time, fully vaccinated people will be able to get haircuts, and groups will be able to gather outdoors in larger numbers and have visitors in the homes.

Pubs and restaurants will be open for limited numbers indoors and outdoors, while entertainment venues will be able to open up outdoors.

The travel limit also eases, except for leaving Melbourne, and the rules are even more relaxed for regional Victoria, where there have been fewer cases of Covid-19.

Here is exactly what is allowed from Friday.

You can have visitors in your home

In Victoria you can have 10 visitors including dependents in your home a day.

Groups of up to 15 people can gather outside in Melbourne, and this is increased to 20 in regional Victoria.

The premier, Daniel Andrews, has strongly recommended that visitors be vaccinated, but acknowledged it was not easy to enforce.

The outdoor gathering limit is increased to 30 once a 80% vaccination target of over 16s is reached. The indoor limit is increased to 30 once 80% of the 12+ population is reached, currently set for Christmas Day.

Pubs and restaurants open

In Melbourne, pubs and restaurants can accept 20 fully vaccinated people indoors, and 50 outdoors.

Entertainment venues cannot host people indoors in Melbourne, but can host up to 50 vaccinated people outdoors.

In regional Victoria, pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues can have up to 30 people indoors.

This increases to 150 indoors, and 500 outdoors once 80% is reached.

Funerals and weddings

In Melbourne, funerals and weddings can be held with 20 fully vaccinated people indoors, and 50 outdoors.

In regional Victoria, this is expanded to 30 indoors and 100 outdoors.

This increases to 150 indoors and 500 outdoors at 80%.

School slowly returns

All students will return at least part-time on-site in Melbourne, while in the rest of Victoria, they return full-time.

Community sport returns

In Melbourne, this means outdoors and for only the minimum number required for training while the rate is at 70%. In the rest of Victoria, it can return indoors for the minimum number of people required.

Gyms, pools and saunas

When the fully vaccinated rate is 70%, 50 fully vaccinated people can do these outside. This expands to 150 people indoors and 500 outdoors at 80%. At 70%, indoor pools, saunas and steam rooms remain closed, with exceptions for hydrotherapy for essential medical care.


Hairdressers and personal care venues can have up to five fully vaccinated customers. There is no limit once 80% is reached.


The 15km travel limit in Melbourne ends when lockdown ends, however people in Melbourne cannot travel to regional Victoria and vice versa until the 80% target is reached.


Still closed except for outdoor service and click and collect. Retail is fully open once the 80% target is reached.


When the state hits 80%, people will still work from home if they can, but can go into offices and workplaces if fully vaccinated.

All of the 70% restrictions will be in place until the 80% target is reached, which is currently set down for the following weekend, late October/early November. From that point Melbourne and the rest of Victoria will have the same rules.

Masks will still be required inside and outside until the 80% target is reached, then it switches to inside only.


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