Fancy Being in Charge of Elon Musk’s Brain Chips? He’s Hiring


Elon Musk’s brain chip technology is preparing for human trials, after a job listing was spotted for a Neuralink role in the U.S..

The job role (for any brain chip experts out there) is for a Clinical Trial Director, with Neuralink looking for an incredibly experienced person to head up the brain chip technology and its clinical trials.

“As the Clinical Trial Director, you’ll work closely with some of the most innovative doctors and top engineers, as well as working with Neuralink’s first Clinical Trial participants,” the job ad reads.

Musk’s brain chip technology, under the startup name Neuralink, is nothing short of sci-fi, with the last major bit of news we’d heard about it being this clip of a Monkey playing Pong without any hands.

Now, it looks like Musk is ready to take the step a bit further than a monkey, opening the technology up to clinical trials. Not only does this beg the question of “Would you put a chip in your brain?”, it also asks, “Why would you put a chip in your brain?”

Neuralink brain chips what?

Musk claimed a few bold things with the Neuralink brain chip back in April, around the time of the monkey video. On Twitter, he claimed that someone with paralysis would be able to use a smartphone with their mind faster than someone using thumbs.

He also claimed that later versions of the technology would be able to send signals from the brain chip to chips installed in other parts of the body, reenabling movement for paraplegics. This is an incredibly bold claim on its own, much bolder than the first, which was already pretty wild.

“The device is implanted flush with skull & charges wirelessly, so you look & feel totally normal,” Musk added.

The applications for this type of tech are massive, but there’s that whole getting a chip drilled into your brain that picks up on brain activity thing.

Of course, we’re still very far off Neuralink becoming commercial. That’s the point of clinical trials and rigorous testing and why they’re looking for a highly qualified director with Class II or Class III implantable medical device experience.

Know a brain chip expert whose out of a job recently? Well, this seems like a job they can’t ignore. If you’re worried about being the director, there’s also a coordinator job going.


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