Facebook’s New Name Is Meta


Surprising no one, Facebook is rebranding itself as Meta.

The news came at the very end of this year’s Facebook Connect event, following an unnecessarily long spiel by CEO Mark Zuckerberg about why the future of technology lies in the so-called metaverse. As for why Zuck wants to change the name? Apparently, the name Facebook makes people think too much of the social network and doesn’t reflect his ultimate ambitions for the company.

Folks were pretty sure the name change was coming for some time now. Not only had Facebook bought the domain meta.com, but Zuckerberg himself has also been banging on about the metaverse — a world where people interact with each other in AR and VR — for months now. Zuckerberg not only revealed the new logo for the company, he also noted that since meta is Greek for the word “beyond”, it also meant that the company’s services would no longer necessitate a Facebook account.

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