Dell Unleashes a Monster with New XPS Desktop


Dell has announced a new XPS desktop and they’re telling us the price starts at around $1,200. The chassis looks bad ass, specs have us excited and if the price doesn’t go much higher, the XPS desktop could be the one.

Headlining the list of upgrades the new XPS received is the fact it’s almost 42 per cent bigger than its predecessor.

Coming in second is the cooling system and on top of that, Dell’s calling it the most powerful XPS Desktop ever made.

Dell new XPS desktop
Image: Dell

Dell XPS Desktop Specs

‘Monstrous performance’, Dell says.

  • Up to 12th-Gen Intel Core i9k processors
  • Either Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 or AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics
  • DDR5 memory, with a 50% faster clock speed than DDR4.
  • PCIe Gen5 graphics ready

The XPS also got a thermal architecture redesign, basically so it can maximise performance and soften acoustics through improving airflow.

The front bezel of the chassis is designed to intake cool air and move it from the front and out the back. And Dell tells us the new XPS Desktop is up to 21 per cent cooler under load (with a 125W cooling solution). And the new high RPM fans (up to 5,000 RPM) operate more efficiently at slower speeds which helps makes the system quieter.

Dell new XPS desktop inside
Image: Dell

Overall, Dell says the new XPS desktop is a little over 50 per cent quieter under load over previous generations.

The Outside Got a Makeover, Too

The XPS Desktop is redesigned, boasting a larger chassis design which although bigger, somehow looks more minimal (which we’re here for). It also comes with two colour options, Night Sky or all-aluminium Platinum Silver.

  • Night Sky with rubber feet measures 372.9 mm high x 173 mm width x 426.7 mm depth and weighs in at 7.42 kg.
  • Platinum Silver with aluminium feet 391 mm high x 173 mm width x 426.7 mm depth, weighing 7.62 kg.
Dell new XPS desktop comparison
Image: Dell

Dell tells us the XPS also has massive expandability capabilities.

Available with up to a 750W power supply, supporting up to 350W graphics, plus support for PCIe5 graphics and four storage bays and three PCIe expansion slots.

The XPS Desktop will be available later this Spring, shipping with Windows 11. Pricing for the Dell XPS 8950 Desktop is expected to start from around $1,220.


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