Daisy Ridley Will Deal a New Sci-Fi Drug in the Upcoming Mind Fall


Daisy Ridley’s first foray into sci-fi? Pretty good. The next one? Not so much. Hopefully the third time will be the charm for the Star Wars actor as she’s about to headline a few film called Mind Fall.

Deadline reports that Rey Skywalker herself will play a character named Ardis Varnado in the new film, which will be directed by Mathieu Kassovitz (Amélie) from a script by Graham Moore (The Imitation Game). Ardis is a high-end drug dealer, only in this story the drug of choice is memories. In Mind Fall, other people’s memories are the popular drug of the day, with people giving up theirs for pocket change and others paying top dollar to have brand new memories implanted in their heads, which then ostensibly become their own. However, Ardis is eventually accused of murdering one of her clients and when she begins to try and solve the case, she realises not all of her memories are actually her own.

It’s an interesting twist that seems to explore nostalgia, addiction, and more in a cool sci-fi package. And, of course, Ridley knows her way around being the lead in a sci-fi film. That aforementioned first film, of course, was Star Wars: The Force Awakens where she played a mysterious young scavenger named Rey. Over the course of three movies we discover that Rey is actually the granddaughter of the baddest man in the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine, though she chooses the path of the light side, defeats dear old granddad, and becomes the living embodiment of the Jedi way.

While Ridley’s performances were solid, the trilogy itself was a mixed bag (if only Mind Fall’s drug could remove my memory of The Rise of Skywalker), and we don’t have too many good things to say about Ridley’s other foray into sci-fi, Chaos Walking, co-starring Tom Holland. It’s a well-conceived, but long- troubled film that ended up being pretty damned boring, even under the eye of Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. Nevertheless, Mind Fall sounds like it has a lot of potential with a a bit of a more adult sci-fi spin. Hopefully we’ll have more news on it soon. The package is currently being sold at the American Film Market.

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