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I don’t know why the Member for Melbourne wants to talk about down regional and rural areas they have seen emissions drop by 20.5%, more than New Zealand, more than the United States, more than many countries around the world because reduces emissions, Australian farmers and those in rural and regional Australia do the heavy lifting, I think they should expect this place to respect them.

They should respect their efforts and they should respect their contributions, but I think Australians are growing and tired of the Greens, and joined also by those opposite from time to time, and talking down rural and regional Australia and their contributions to ensuring their environments and their communities are stronger, and their way of life is protected.

The targets that I took to the last election, the targets that I took the last election, were endorsed by the Australian people! They rejected the targets put forward by the Labor Party and the Greens, they rejected them, they endorsed our targets and I said we would meet and beat those targets and indeed we will!

We will keep faith with the Australian people on the things we pledged at the last election and we will exceed their expectations on what those targets were set out at the last election.

The Australian people are doing the heavy lifting, Australia has the highest rate of solar on roofs of any country in the world, last year, we had more renewable investment in this country in one year [than Labor’s government]. A rate of growth in renewable investment is outstripping countries around the world, our low emissions technology roadmap is making sure hydrogen and other important fuels and opportunities are being realised all around the country.

The lead of the Greens needs to understand it is performance that counts not the empty aspirations. And what Australia can point to as a track record of delivering, a 20% reduction in emissions at the same time as Australia has achieved 40% increase in the size of our economy. I like to see another country match that.

The leader of the agreements and apologists with them in the Labor Party stopped running Australia down, we are carrying our weight and making a contribution and we won’t be told by people outside this country how we should be meeting our targets.


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