A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina


A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

Journalist Marie Southard Ospina lives with her partner and two kids in Yorkshire, England. But country life doesn’t change Marie’s bold style. “I like vibrant things that stick out in the Yorkshire gray,” she says. Here are five of her favorite outfits…

A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

Dress: Nobody’s Child.

“Five years ago, when we were expecting our first child, my partner and I decided to move to England, where he grew up. Hebden Bridge is a lovely countryside nook, known for being one of the queer capitals of Britain (we’re both queer, so that was important to us). When it comes to fashion, I love clothes that are whimsical and romantic and pretty. Those are words I didn’t associate with myself for so long, due to my body image and fat stigma. Now, though, I enjoy messing with the ‘rules’ fat women are supposed to abide by — and turning them on their heads. When I wear pieces like this, even though they’re soft, I feel very strong.”

A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

Sweater: Handmade by Marie’s mother-in-law. Collared shirt: Monki, similar. Skirt: Gaudy x Miggs (a capsule collection Marie co-created!). Tights: Snag. Boots: Grünbein.

“This sweater is one of my mother-in-law’s creations. She’s very talented and has gotten into this tradition of making me a sweater every year. I find it difficult to get plus-size knitwear — like real, chunky knits — so I’m lucky that she has the desire to make them! I would love to learn to knit myself, but my daughters are still quite small. Maybe when they’re both in school, I’ll get in touch with my crafty side.”

A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

Earrings: vintage, similar.

“When my kids were babies, I stopped wearing earrings because they’d always pull at them. Now that we’re out of the baby stage, I’ve enjoyed getting reacquainted with earrings. Fun ones — like these — can make the entire look pop.”

A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

T-shirt: vintage, similar. Belt: ASOS Curve, similar. Pants: ASOS Curve, similar. Socks: Seasalt Cornwall. Shoes: ASOS Design. Beanie: “Pretty sure this was my husband’s years ago, but now it’s mine!” Earrings: Monki. Purse: thrifted, similar.

“I dyed my hair greeny-blue this autumn. I like my natural brown shade, but periodically, I crave something funky. I hadn’t done anything to my hair since the pandemic started, so I thought I’d give blue a go! When I’m rushing around in the morning, trying to beat the school rush, I can just put a beanie on and still feel cute.”

A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

Face-print blouse: Shein. Sweater vest: Simply Be. Skirt: Lindy Bop, similar. Tights: Snag. Boots: Heavenly Feet. Earrings: vintage, similar.

“I’ve had this skirt for years, and I come back to it every autumn. It’s a thick wool skirt that I got at Lindy Bop, a beloved British rockabilly-inspired shop, which unfortunately did not make it through the pandemic. I paired it with this shirt, because I’ve got to have some color, but then layered it with a fuzzy vest because I can’t stand being cold.”

A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

“Living in Yorkshire, you’ve got to be prepared for sticky mud. I’ve developed a real love of boots since moving here. I’m an extra-wide in foot and calf, and I’ve found Simply Be to be the best bet for fashion boots. For rain boots, I like The Wide Welly Company. They have lots of prints — like octopus and floral and rainbow.”

A Week of Outfits: Marie Southard Ospina

Dress: eShakti (which allows customizations: “I customized the sleeves to make it more autumn/winter-friendly”). Tights: Snag. Boots: Marks & Spencer, similar. Beret: thrifted, similar. Earrings: thrifted, similar. Bag: “My mom’s from the ’80s.”

“I definitely feel like the weird mom at school drop-off, but I so want my kids to feel free to express themselves. I lead by example.”

Thank you so much, Marie!

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(Photos by Lucy Cartwright for Cup of Jo.)

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