A Grain of Truth Graphic Novel Gives a Peek at Season 2’s First Episode


WE know who he is, of course. (Image: Dark Horse Comics)

The Witcher season two is nearly upon us, and while you’ll have to wait a bit longer for The Witcher: A Grain of Truth — the new, official graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics, based on the short story written by Andrzej Sapkowski — we’ve got a sneak peek to share today. The story is the basis for the season two premiere, so really this is kind of two sneak peeks in one!

Here’s a quick summary of the story: “Geralt comes across a derelict mansion where he is met with the current owner — not quite human, but a beast with the faculties of a man. The beast invites him inside where he shares stories of his family, his life… and his curse. If the weight of his misdeeds could condemn him to the body of a beast — a retribution spoken of only in fairy tales, could there be another grain of truth in these tales of fantasy — one that could help him elude his fate and lead him to salvation?”

Image: Dark Horse Comics
Image: Dark Horse Comics
Image: Dark Horse Comics

Created by Sapkowski, The Witcher: A Grain of Truth’s graphic novel is written by Jacek Rembis, with art by Jonas Scharf and colour by José Villarrubia; the cover artist is Kai Carpenter. It will be published by Dark Horse on April 27, 2022; you can pre-order here. The Witcher season two premieres December 17 on Netflix.

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