A Better Holiday Brunch Idea From Yotam Ottolenghi


LONDON — With the festive season ahead of us, there’s a lot of feasting to be done. And, for it to be done properly — enjoyed, and not just endured — there are some dos and don’ts.

Generally, I tend not to be so prescriptive. But, around this time of the year, I do find myself getting a little bit list-y, the result of both my enthusiasm for the season and the wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years (and years) of hosting and eating. And as anyone who prepares feasts knows, there’s a lot of planning, shopping, chopping and cooking to be done.

To be useful, festive feast planning needs to be focused. As such, let’s stick to brunch.

Here are some things you want from a festive brunch — a recipe for brunch planning, if you like. As with all good recipes, you can take or leave what you like.

You want the main to be special enough to be served with a “ta-da!” but not steal the show entirely. It wants to be a little different, but your day shouldn’t peak before midafternoon. Think of pancakes: They’re something beyond the everyday but don’t totally ruin the mood (or the will to cook anything else that day).


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