5 Desk Fans To Help Make Working From Home A Breeze


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If you don’t have the luxury of owning an air-conditioner, it’s time to consider the humble desk fan as your next viable option. Desk fans are lightweight, portable and contribute little to your electricity bill. Most types are rechargeable, battery operated, or plug into your closest USB port.

Aside from filling the absence of an air-con unit, these fans can solve a number of conundrums. For instance, if you need to relocate from your desk to the dining table or even the couch, it’s quite easy to bring it with you. They also take up less space due to their compact size, which is handy if you live in a tight apartment. They’re also significantly quieter than other types of fans, so you don’t have to worry about your Zoom calls being overshadowed by a gale of wind.

For us, a big bonus about desk fans, other than their small size, is that they’re usually quite affordable compared to pedestal, bladeless or tower fans.

Check out a few options that we’re a fan of below.

A USB desk fan
Image: REMAX

Ultra-lightweight, portable and small, you’ll be able to take this REEMAX USB desk fan with you anywhere you go. It sports a surprisingly powerful breeze and thanks to its 180-degree rotation, you can angle it in any direction to keep you cool.

Shop it here for $24.99.

A USB fan
Image: SmartDevil

This little fella features 360-degree rotation and is USB-powered. What’s impressive about this small desk fan (that’s no bigger than your smartphone) is that it has been engineered to be ultra quiet while possessing three fan modes to suit your cooling needs. It also happens to come in five different colours and we all know it’s very important to have your appliances match your aesthetic.

Shop it here for $24.64 (down from $28.99).

If you’re an Amazon member, you can also save an extra 8% off one of these fans, or save 10% off when you buy two.

Image: Holmes

This stunning brushed copper desk fan is ideal for those of you who adore a retro vibe, and also like the look of a standard pedestal fan with a protective cage.

Shop it here for $31.82.

Small desk fan
Image: Viniper

This desk fan by Viniper has got it all — three adjustable speeds, 180-degree rotation and unlike the previously mentioned fans, it’s rechargeable so you can move away from a power source as needed.

Shop it here for $26.34 (down from $30.99).

Vornado air circulator 660
Image: Vornado

Here at Gizmodo Australia, we’re a big fan of this Vornado 660 air circulator. While this fan is bigger, bulkier and more expensive than the aforementioned desk fans, it’s well worth it for its full room air circulation.

If you’re someone who can’t sleep without a fan blowing on you all night, this one will do the trick. You see, the Vornado 660 boasts the ability to move air up to 30.5m and it possesses four speed settings, so you can amp it up on a hot day. Although, thanks to its larger blades, this one is likely to be more audible but if you don’t mind a bit of white noise, it shouldn’t bother you. If anything, it may even aid your sleep.

Shop it here for $183.20 (down from $259).


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